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Spreading the cost with interest-free credit

We know just how difficult it can be to pay for a high-price item outright and are also aware of some repayment schemes where you end up paying a phenomenal amount for the privilege of paying on ‘easy’ terms. Fear not, we have the answer.


11 February 2019 Digiland

What are graded items

Our Graded Items here at Digiland generate a lot of interest - and some questions.

People think there has to be something wrong with the product for us to be selling it at such a knockdown price. But there really isn’t anything wrong with the way your TV, washing machine, sound system, or anything else for that matter, operates. Let us explain.

#28-Day Returns #Graded

21 January 2019 Digiland

History of the television

It was known as the fad that would never replace radio, the unwelcome intrusion in the home and the box in the corner. It was also described as the box they buried Morecambe and Wise in after the double act made a disastrous early appearance.

But the television, rather like these future small screen superstars, endured and became massive hits.

#4k #LED #QLED #Retro #TV #UHD

05 December 2018 Digiland

What is Black Friday

Black Friday is looming and promises to be another bumper sales day for retailers and customers. It will officially fall on November 23 but if last year is anything to go by, Black Friday online sales actually began at the beginning of the month.

It’s the day when huge crowds form outside stores eager to grab a bargain ahead of the inevitable jostling, tussling and near warfare that ensues when the doors open. Many people have discovered that a much easier way of taking advantage of the offers, and avoiding potential injury in the process, is to get the bargain online.

#Discounts #Events #Offers #Sales

05 November 2018 Digiland

Digiland backing Britain

If you are looking for a washing machine with a difference, you will be interested to hear of the Ebac E-Care+ - the only washing machine to be made in Britain. And it’s in stock here at Digiland.

Ebac is based in County Durham and is totally committed to backing British industry and, in particular, British manufacturing. We believe this position should be applauded and supported.

#British #White Goods

07 October 2018 Digiland

End of the road for halogen light bulbs

You may be unaware of the Europe-wide ban on halogen light bulbs which came into effect on September 1. It brings to an end a 60-year history of halogen bulbs used as the lighting of choice in our homes and streets.
The halogen bulb is being replaced by light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which will cut emissions drastically and lead to reduced energy bills. Remaining stocks of halogen bulbs can still be sold and capsules, linear and low voltage incandescents used in oven lights will be exempt.

29 September 2018 Digiland

Why do I need a soundbar with my TV

Manufacturers are constantly competing with one another in an attempt to get one-up on their rivals and make their particular product the one of choice where it matters most, with the customer.

This never-ending challenge is fuelled by the consumer’s demand for better quality and improved performance on the previous model - and they want it now!

15 September 2018 Digiland

How much do you know about your washing machine

A washing machine is something we all take for granted - until it goes wrong.

It has to be one of the most used items in the home today. It’s a magnificent labour-saving device that has been transformed over the years from luxury to necessity and there aren’t many homes now without one.

#White Goods

01 September 2018 Digiland

What is the new Samsung Ambient TV

Wall-mounted televisions are getting bigger and it’s not particularly appealing having a huge black space in the middle of your wall when your TV is switched off. If only there was something that could be done about it?

Well, now there is! Samsung has developed a chameleon-esque television that makes the screen virtually transparent when it’s not switched on.

#Ambient #TV

23 August 2018 Digiland

What is a Smart TV

It always pays to be smart when you are thinking about getting a new television - but it can be of great benefit if your TV is smart too!

The Smart TV has been around for a while, but the latest generation models have greatly improved the user experience compared to early Smart TVs, which to be honest were a little clunky to use.

#Smart #TV

09 August 2018 Digiland

Be safe, be seen at night

With more and more vehicles on our already heavily congested roads it has become increasingly difficult to stay safe.

Cyclists will tell you motorists have no consideration for them, leaving nowhere to go but the grass verge when cars and lorries tear past cutting them up in the process. And drivers will say the cyclists are a menace on the highway, causing problems for vehicles without having to conform to the same laws as them - no road tax or insurance.

26 July 2018 Digiland

TV jargon - What is QLED

The speed at which technology is progressing is truly amazing and this is particularly true in the world of home entertainment systems. The high definition of television pictures has come on at an incredible pace and the quality now is so far removed from that of only a few years ago - and will only continue to get better.

This means more options for the customer to consider and more information to take on board before coming up with that all-important decision of which TV set to buy.

#Jargon #QLED #TV

12 July 2018 Digiland

TV jargon - What is 4K or Ultra HD

Here at Digiland we know just how confusing it can be when it comes to choosing a TV. There are a wide range of makes and models and much talk about 4K, or Ultra HD as it is often known.

We thought it would be a good idea to go behind the jargon and try to explain simply what some of these things are in simple, plain English.

#4k #Jargon #TV #UHD

28 June 2018 Digiland

Football Frenzy

Here we go, here we go, here we go . . .

Yes, it’s World Cup time again - don’t you just love it?

The questions have already started about how long England will stay in the tournament this time around and even, dare we say, about our chances of actually winning it!

#Football #World Cup

11 June 2018 Digiland

Going retro

A blast from the past, a rave from the grave, or as Tony Blackburn might say sensaaational!

Music from the 60s, 70s and 80s was pretty hot and, depending on your age, probably the best ever. Ah! the hours of pleasure in listening to those great Radio 1 DJs and all that wonderful vinyl. Well, it’s back. We are living in a retro age and we love it.

#Retro #TV #Vinyl

01 June 2018 Digiland
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