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Digiland backing Britain

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If you are looking for a washing machine with a difference, you will be interested to hear of the Ebac E-Care+ - the only washing machine to be made in Britain. And it’s in stock here at Digiland.

Ebac is based in County Durham and is totally committed to backing British industry and, in particular, British manufacturing. We believe this position should be applauded and supported.

Ebac launched their British made machine in 2015, the last all-British machine prior to that was made by Hotpoint but that ceased when the company was subject of a merger almost a decade earlier.

More than three million washing machines are bought in Britain each year and these were all made abroad between the Hotpoint merger and Ebac’s all-British design coming onto the market.

Ebac is a market leader and we are delighted to play our part in their commitment to British industry by stocking and selling their British made washing machines - this is of significant importance at the moment with the uncertainty over Brexit.

With the deadline looming for our exit from the EU there is still so much uncertainty about what will happen regarding imports, exports, tariffs and so on. This can only strengthen the position of a company like Ebac.

The Ebac E-Care+ is handmade from the highest quality components following thousands of hours of designing and testing - put quite simply, they are fast quiet and built to last. Another advantage is a UK based service team.

They are easy to use and are available in both cold and hot fill. Most machines are cold fill but the hot fill option means a saving in energy costs and cuts time off the wash cycle because the water does not have to be heated by the machine.

The machines are available in 7kg, 8kg and 9kg drum sizes and have digital-frictionless motors with spin speeds of up to 1600rpm. They also come with an excellent warranty with up to 10 years inclusive parts cover.

Digiland is excited to be selling the Ebac washing machine and we have already seen a high level of interest from people in store and looking online. Pop along to our store and see for yourself, or view our full washing machine range here - Washing Machines

07 October 2018 Digiland