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What are graded items

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Our Graded Items here at Digiland generate a lot of interest - and some questions.

People think there has to be something wrong with the product for us to be selling it at such a knockdown price. But there really isn’t anything wrong with the way your TV, washing machine, sound system, or anything else for that matter, operates. Let us explain.

Graded Items are generally items that have been returned under a 28-day returns policy, packaging has been damaged or there may be slight imperfections on the item which have no bearing on how it functions.

They could be unwanted presents, the end of a line or maybe it’s a television that has proved just a little too big for the front room.

A washing machine may have a slight dent on the side where it was knocked during delivery - something that doesn’t affect its working and won’t necessarily be seen when it is installed.

There is nothing faulty with these items and every product is fully checked when it is returned and before it is resold. But because it is a second, even though in many cases it has never been used, we are able to offer it for sale at a greatly reduced price.

Our fully qualified engineers ensure the items are working as new before you buy them and if there are any minor imperfections we will always point those out before the sale is completed.

We are also happy to give a working demonstration of the product before you finally agree to take it.

For your peace of mind, we offer a 12-month Base Warranty which means you can return the item to us at Digiland in the unlikely event of a fault developing. This shows just how confident we are in ensuring you get your goods in perfect working order.

Graded Items are an excellent way of getting a top quality product at a fantastic price with the reassurance of a warranty as back-up.

21 January 2019 Digiland