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Spreading the cost with interest-free credit


We know just how difficult it can be to pay for a high-price item outright and are also aware of some repayment schemes where you end up paying a phenomenal amount for the privilege of paying on ‘easy’ terms. Fear not, we have the answer.

Some of our customers have been unaware of the special deal we offer in terms of interest-free credit so we thought now would be an ideal opportunity to tell you about it.

Interest-free credit is available on anything at Digiland with a minimum price of £300 and can be taken over a six or 12-month period after paying a 10% deposit. An extended period of up to 36 months credit is available, not interest-free but at a very competitive rate.

We believe the interest-free deal is a good one and means our customers wanting to buy, for example, our Ebac 9kg 1600 spin washing machine priced at £550 have an alternative.

If they can’t afford to pay the full price, the option is there of paying a £55 deposit and then £41.25 over 12 months or £82.50 over six months. The same figure but on much more manageable terms.

We have to make our money go a long way in today’s world and anything that helps reduce the overall cost of items has to be of great benefit for the consumer.

Interest-free credit is one way of ensuring you get the quality you want on the terms you can afford.

11 February 2019 Digiland