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Why do I need a soundbar with my TV


Manufacturers are constantly competing with one another in an attempt to get one-up on their rivals and make their particular product the one of choice where it matters most, with the customer.

This never-ending challenge is fuelled by the consumer’s demand for better quality and improved performance on the previous model - and they want it now!

Take televisions, for example. The TV is continually evolving and the improvement from one generation to the next is simply mind-boggling. TVs are becoming bigger and thinner with the current technical quality of what you are viewing at a level that would have been unthinkable a few short years ago.

The new 4K TV is a classic case in point, offering an amazing visual experience with stunning imagery.

There has become an increasing desire with each new model of TV to reduce the size of the bezel with the ultimate aim it would appear of ending up with only the screen itself. This, added to the leaner models, can pose problems with the sound and have an adverse effect on the overall quality levels we have come to expect as part of our total viewing experience.

The last thing you want with your new 4K TV is to reduce that viewing experience standard by having the excellent images you are watching impaired by inferior sound quality.

What you need is a soundbar.

Soundbars can bring back the audio quality to truly complement the visual - a win, win situation. These miniature sound systems are incredible and more and more customers are turning to them to enhance their viewing.

We stock soundbars with wireless subwoofers, which give the sound a fantastic deep bass quality and can be hidden anywhere in the room, and soundbars without subwoofers, which while missing out on the extra bass still provide great quality sound at a cheaper price.

There are several makes on the market and our friendly team here at Digiland would be happy to run through the advantages and help you decide which would suit you best.

Take a look at the selection on our website here -

15 September 2018 Digiland