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End of the road for halogen light bulbs


You may be unaware of the Europe-wide ban on halogen light bulbs which came into effect on September 1. It brings to an end a 60-year history of halogen bulbs used as the lighting of choice in our homes and streets.

The halogen bulb is being replaced by light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which will cut emissions drastically and lead to reduced energy bills. Remaining stocks of halogen bulbs can still be sold and capsules, linear and low voltage incandescents used in oven lights will be exempt.

Here at Digiland we are recommending people come in and see us to obtain their new LED lighting. We are hopeful that as the residual stock of halogen lamps go down, we will see a higher demand for LED lamps.

We have just made a new shop display for our LED lighting and our staff are ready to talk through what you need and why the changes are taking place. The LEDs may seem more expensive initially than a halogen bulb but they are cheaper in the long-run, should last longer and can pay for themselves within a year.

Indeed, the average cost savings on the MR16 / GU10 lamps are over 80% whilst providing the same light output. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the majority of our lamps are warm white and will look virtually the same as the lights they replaced.

Here are some fascinating facts about why the ban has been introduced - just in case you were wondering:

  • Buildings make up about 40% of our total current energy needs, with 15% of that taken up in lighting.
  • LEDs are expected to last 15 to 20 years whereas the halogen bulb has a life expectancy of just two years on average.
  • Halogen bulbs use about four-fifths more energy than LEDs and it is thought the ban will lead to the prevention of more than 15 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year.
  • It is estimated consumers will save more than £100 each year on their energy bills as a direct result of the switch.

Although the ban is now in effect, you don’t have to change all your halogen bulbs straight away - simply replace them with LEDs when they expire.

The LEDs come in both ‘bayonet’ and ‘screw-type’ formats which mean they will fit most existing light sockets but there may be an issue if you have halogen lights fitted in your ceiling which are connected to transformers. If you are unsure it is always best to seek the advice of an electrician.

You can see our LED lighting range by clicking here

29 September 2018 Digiland